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3 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

Our lives change when our habits change. It’s that simple.

Most of us have either experienced the struggle of changing our lives or seen someone struggle with it. Whether it’s finding a better job, overcoming health issues, reducing financial stress, or even trying to lose weight. We want these things to change, but struggle with making them happen.

After I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic, I had student loans (equal to a mortgage), credit card debt, and a business loan for the new office. I had made A LOT of bad choices financially and was struggling. By following these 3 simple steps and was able to have the financial freedom that I was looking for.

Having successfully changed my financial status, I decided to implement the three simple habits with my patients here at Molda Chiropractic to help them achieve their health goals and beyond. Here are 3 simple habits:

1. Write down your goal
You have to write it down. It is the simplest thing you can do, but probably the most powerful. Write down whatever you are trying to achieve and put it somewhere that you can see it on a regular basis. Just by having it in front of you throughout the day will make a huge difference in the outcome. For instance, if you want to lose weight you may write down: “I want to lose 2 lbs. a week for 10 weeks”, then stick it on your fridge, mirror, computer monitor, etc.

2. Keep score
I once heard someone say “if you’re not keeping score, its only practice”. You have to measure results to know if you have achieved your goal. When you write down your goals, you have to also think about what you are going to do to achieve that goal. Keeping score is about commitment. For instance, if you were trying to lose weight, you may write down: “I’m going to stop drinking 3 sodas a day and stop eating dessert for 10 weeks”. Then each day you write down whether or not you succeeded. Regardless of the day’s outcome, you re-commit the next day to that goal.

3. Get a coach
We can’t do anything on our own, especially something great. Every professional athlete, every Olympic athlete – even movie stars – have a coach. Anyone who has achieved anything has had someone help them. A coach can help you define your goals, they can help you figure out the best way to achieve them and also give you a different perspective. Keep in mind that getting a coach doesn’t mean you have to hire someone. It might mean you ask your spouse, friend or coworker to give you support and help hold you accountable.

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Pick up a pen and start writing down your goals today!

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